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Obtain the right reagent for marine scrubbers

In the marine industry, there is a significant problem in dealing with the sulfur pollution. This material originates from burning heavy fuels and considering that large ships function due to these fuels, they are for the moment an irreplaceable part of the industry. This is not great news for the future of our environment. But governments all over the world are slowly developing legal structures making it an offense to not deal with this problem. To adjust the fuel and clean the exhaust gases, ships use marine scrubbers. As there are a large variety of marine scrubbers, you can choose between varieties that are ecologically more apt for the task than others. At Europiren B.V., they like to help you make that decision and provide the ideal solution.

The various options that are available

Exhaust gas cleaning systems or marine scrubbers can play a huge part in preventing pollution. However, the currently more popular type, the open-loop marine scrubbers, are continually banned in many countries. This way, they are forcing marine companies to switch to more ecological alternatives. At Europiren B.V., they can offer hybrid and closed-loop marine scrubbers that are in compliance with IMO 2020. These devices use alkali solutions to neutralize the acidic SOx gases in the exhaust pipes. By using magnesium hydroxide, they are creating various possibilities for industrial ships to start making a contribution to a better future.

Ask about the possibilities for your company

Are you interested in what these marine scrubbers might mean for your company? Then feel free to contact the people at Europiren B.V. to discover the numerous possibilities with these types of solutions. They will think about the ideal products that could help your cause and inform you about the advantages. This service makes sure that they are a partner you can rely on for the long term, as they will always be happy to help you.